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The energy transition is a major challenge for many companies. M&P Schweiz supports you in all optimisation processes so that you afford to cut your energy costs.

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Shaping the future with energy.

Movement is change. Enormous potential arises from this energy transition, market development and technological change. We help our clients to identify and use these opportunities – with analyses and concepts on technical infrastructure, energy management aspects and digitisation. We pool our innovative force, technical and commercial competence and many years of experience to raise energy efficiency. Thus, movements turns into change and change into progress.

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ABB Turbocharging

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360° energy potential check

Identifying possibilities for optimisation.

Less is better, no doubt. But what is the impact, in concrete terms, of lowering energy consumption? M&P provides comprehensive information on this via its 360° energy potential check. This serves as a basic evaluation and pre-analysis of future approaches to comprehensive energy management. As part of a consumption and needs analysis, we undertake analyses on the basis of invoices, contracts and lists of systems, as well as site inspections and interviews to identify the symptoms of potential inefficiency. Our energy potential check then provides a 360° feedback on the status of energy supply. Furthermore, if considerable potential is identified, it suggests suitable options for improvement, comprising energy supply, useful energy generation, energy requirements, structural influences, and energy and facility management.

Energy inspection of HVAC and cooling systems

Legal security and cost optimisation.

Combining the legal with the practical. The German Energy Act for Buildings (GEG) obliges companies to have their ventilation and air-conditioning systems with a nominal cooling capacity of more than 12kW inspected every 10 years by certified specialist companies. M&P offers this service and has continuously improved on the standards. We are therefore able to quickly and reliably implement the statutory requirements, also for large real estate portfolios anywhere in Germany to a consistent level of quality, while always seeking to achieve added value for our clients in the process. We demonstrate how investments into energy efficiency measures pay off and, beyond this, also support companies in the implemention and commissioning of plants.


Energy inspection of your property.

Alstom Baden MSR "Blauer Turm"

Alstom Baden MSR "Blauer Turm"

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On your behalf, we carry out energy audits, in line with ISO 50001. Based on the evaluation of the energy consumption and the site visits carried out, our experts can then determine the savings potential and define concrete value-added measures.

This is to raise the energy efficiency and hence also to lower the energy and electricity consumption in accordance with the 2050 Energy Strategy. The aim is to identify the potential for improving the energy efficiency and to evaluate suitable monetary measures. As a result, companies can immediately see which investments are worthwhile in which period.

Performance Engineering

Individual services.

A cost-effective operation, reliable supply and satisfied users – these are the decisive factors for the performance of a building engineering system. To ensure its long-term optimisation, we offer our clients various service packages assuring them optimised access to our services:

Custom – Continuous cooperation with an M&P engineer as a consulting partner for any issues and solution-oriented support.

Guarantee – Reduced consumption guaranteed through the optimisation of usage and implementation of savings potential, even as a cost-neutral preliminary measure.

Start-up – Quality assurance of new plants, primarily planned by M&P, through reviews in the planning and commissioning phase, as well as turning this into a future-proof operation.


BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future. With its holistic view of properties, M&P is also committed to sustainability. With every project we are involved in we are part of a whole and thus are just as motivated as our clients to work towards a sustainable future.

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360° system design

Making full use of the energy potential.

Finanz Informatik

Finanz Informatik

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Identifying problems is the first step towards solving them. The M&P 360° energy potential check identifies a company’s potential for improvement and in what areas action is needed. Our specialists develop a concrete action plan with the client in a 360° system design, with more in-depth consideration of the respective problem areas and covering all areas of action of energy management in a comprehensive manner. This specifically concerns the aspects of energy procurement and the development of an optimised procurement strategy, taxes and levies, total energy requirements and awareness-raising among users. Sustainable implementation of the measures in the business process – as an inherent part of corporate responsibility – is the key to their success: energy management is a matter for the boss.

Energy master plan

Comprehensive analysis, sustainable optimisation.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble

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Rising energy costs have become the norm. But this is not always caused by market conditions or new laws. Energy losses are frequently caused by the companies themselves. M&P helps to identify energy losses and to effectively remedy them by conducting a detailed analysis and a simulation of the measures and solutions.

The existing potential is evaluated and translated into a catalogue of measures, with an indication about the level of investment needed and the achievable effects. The business case derived from this and the project plan form the foundation and basis for decision-making for short- and long-term energy renovation measures. The renovations frequently have to be carried out during operation. We have the experience and specialist expertise required for this: exceptional ideas, at unconventional times and in challenging areas.

Energy management

Smart use of energy.

There are several good reasons for energy management: legally securing the conditions for tax benefits for production companies, improved energy efficiency and the lowering of energy costs, adhering to sustainability requirements and corporate guidelines, the reduction of CO2 emissions or ensuring competitivity. In this case, an energy management system (ENMS), based on ISO 50001, ensures the achievement of the respective goal and continuous methodological monitoring and adaptation of the energy-related systems and processes to changing requirements. Furthermore, the implementation of improvement measures within the scope of an energy management system generally leads to actually measurable reductions in energy consumption and cost savings. And that is definitely yet another good reason.


Efficient measures that are immediately amortised. With M&P’s energy refurbishment, you take effective measures to combat energy loss and waste.
A highly qualified team carries out the planning, implementation, acceptance, and outcome analysis of the refurbishment measures with a view to ensuring that the related concept ideas and the savings have a long-term impact. The total amount of CO2 savings made on the basis of the projects realised can be seen on the CO2 meter below.

Lufthansa Technik AG

First-class performance for the German airline company: M&P supports the reputed airline in the analysis of its organisational structure for facility management and in the realignment of its operating performance.

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Energy services

Innovative energy solutions from one source.

You can choose from a number of approaches to save energy and lower costs. With our groundbreaking energy services, we would like to make an essential contribution to raising your energy efficiency. We will provide you with broad-based know-how, professional advice and essential technical tools, enabling you to respond in a targeted way to all of your energy supply challenges.

Efficiency partnership

Together, we are more efficient.

The energy issues presents us with complex challenges. From a certain level of energy consumption, companies should work with a professional partner who can identify, define and exploit savings potential, including, for instance, timing and strategy of gas and electricity procurement, optimisation of tax benefits, use of various subsidy programmes, possible change in primary energy provider, use of CHP plants according to the Combined Heat and Power Act (“Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungsgesetz”, KWKG) or the Renewable Energies Act (“Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz”, EEG), inclusion of energy systems in a virtual power plant – minutes reserve, control energy and financing of construction measure for the realisation of savings potential.

The first step towards energy efficiency: get in touch with us. The earlier, the better. Ideally, right now.



Project development

Energy efficiency, guaranteed.

Efficiency starts with project development. You will only succeed in generating significant optimisation effects and in tapping into substantial economic and ecological potential if the course has already been set at the very beginning of a project. Innovative beacon projects often emerge from analyses in the context of an energy audit or potential check. What might at first appear to be a vague technical idea, is evaluated and examined in a feasibility study, planned in detail, calculated and turned into a reliable business case, presented to management in a transparent manner, processed in an understandably way and then implemented.

M&P is an audited project developer and quality manager in the Investor Confidence Project. It works for investors, with a view to developing projects with reliable results for driving forward the rise in energy efficiency.