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At the heart of our service is the service promise: “added value”. At the very least, the outcome of cooperating with us is to achieve better results. And that explains why we are one of the leading technological consulting companies in Switzerland.

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“Generating more quality with less cost and effort – that, ideally, is what efficiency is all about.”

Olf Clausen, CEO

Our entire thinking and actions are geared towards generating the greatest possible added value for our clients through optimum technical, digital and organisational networking. Our pioneering consulting approach combines the M&P Group’s core competence, energy, with highly qualified specialist expertise in the fields of engineering, consulting, IT and contracting solutions.



People business. No business people.
It is always about the people behind a company, those who do the work, who stand for the quality of a service, that count. Ultimately, it is always the people business, sympathy, mutual respect and the appreciation of the work done that shapes the relationship between service provider and client.

Olf Clausen

Olf Clausen


Michael Maschkowitz

Michael Maschkowitz


Michael Rohner

Michael Rohner

Managing Director

Facts & figures

We’re part of a successful team: M&P’s market environment shows a positive dynamic for all business areas for the financial year 2023 (current status 12|2023).


We implement interregional projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


330 employees in four areas of business are part of M&P’s success.

73,5million business performance

In 2023, gross operating revenue of € 73.5 million was achieved.

Trust is just the beginning.

Not everything that constitutes a brand, finds expression in the brand name itself.
A company’s whole personality cannot be captured by a single sign or word. Our self-perception is based on the values that have shaped M&P for many years and will continue to define us in the future. Honesty, loyalty, openness, commitment and, above all, trust. Trust is the beginning of everything. On the basis of trust, the future can be built and challenges overcome. This trust involves giving and taking: trust the other person in order to gain the person’s trust. This is the prime condition. This is exactly what we live: because we demand the same from ourselves that we expect from others.

Creating added value

In our work, we are guided by the realisation that an optimum technical, digital and organisational basis constitutes the greatest added value for the client business.

Added value, which we generate for our clients through a groundbreaking consulting approach. We combine highly qualified expertise in the fields of engineering, consulting, energy and IT solutions with unique project-specific problem-solving skills. This ensures the greatest benefit for the client.

In flexible, interlinked structures, we develop innovations and optimal technical solutions to support production and the core business. Our solution-oriented pledge comprises both specialist expertise, the client’s strategic requirements and the associated interdisciplinary project work in our corporate group’s network of competence.